Diversity in Hockey

I like to think that “I’m not blind” when it comes to issues concerning diversity. I grew up in suburban Pittsburgh as one of the very few minorities, so I was always conscious of my race. I went to a...

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How to Become a "Data Analyst"

In my senior of college (which really wasn’t that long ago….), a friend of mine who was working as a software developer at Salesforce, came to CMU to recruit some “fresh young minds.” I met up with him after his...

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Triangle Partitioning

Preliminary Results: Triangle Partitioning

I’ve been toying with this idea for almost a month now, and I hesitate to go into the details of it. As of right now, I feel uncomfortable sharing everything I discovered(?), but I thought I’d...

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My 3 Cents (Part 3)

3. Assumption and Assertion

When I first learned how to write formal proofs, I was taught to assume the worst. For example, when proving a theorem, I was taught that the first thing anyone should do is to assume the...

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Dead Puppies

2.5 Dead Puppies

This weekend, I finished writing the third part of “My 3 Cents” series. I write everything locally first, and push whenever I feel appropriate, so I just haven’t published it yet. The topic I had in mind...

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My 3 Cents (Part 2)

2. “Advanced” Blah

When I said last time that I will be ranting about Analytics Bloggers, I think I might have conveyed the wrong message. So, I thought it would be important to lay out some of my definitions first.

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My 3 Cents (Part 1)

I haven’t written in a while, but there are some things that have been bugging me lately. Here are my “3 Cents for the Analytics Community” (which will be spread across many multiple posts).

1. Game Theory

Despite the Analytics...

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New GoonStats?!

I decided to migrate GoonStats?! to Github Pages (using Jekyll) because I was fed up with all the microblogging platforms out there. Github Pages gives me the complete control to design the blog, and allows readers to view my code...

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